A fast paced, tactical dueling card game with amazing art. Our newest project from Lone Knight Games

Enter a world of the Goblin King, Border Knight, Necromancer, Siege Troll, Battle Cleric, Wolf Druid and hundreds more!

Build your army, crush your foes

For such a fast game it still boasts a huge amount of strategy and game theme

  • Combine any one or two factions to build your army (deck)
  • Simultaneous play (play at same time!) 
  • Fog of war! - Plan your turn in secret
  • Tactical Dueling Card Game - control ranks, outmaneuver your opponent, destroy enemy creatures with spells, combat, flanking and speed! 
  • Only 5 Turns 
  • Low starting Health - every point counts!
  • 10 minute battles 
  • EVERY creature has a speed value for scouting, maneuvering and other abilities
  • Heavy theme! Each faction has it's own strengths and weaknesses 
  • Easy to learn with great depth
  • The CORE set will have 6 factions, each with their own unique legendary leaders to command your armies!

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 tactical EXPANDABLE card game